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Lisa Hacker* is a marketing communications professional with a passion for helping brands connect with their constituents through effective storytelling. She has managed social media and brand strategy for one of the top ten nonprofit brands,** consulting with internal stakeholders and external partners to ensure that a clear, unified, compelling image was conveyed across all communication channels.

In 2009, Lisa inaugurated Habitat for Humanity’s social media program, establishing the nonprofit’s first social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube and Flickr). She continued to lead the organization in social media strategy, gathering best practices and adjusting to emerging trends. She also dramatically improved brand consistency across the organization’s 2,000+ affiliates by developing a library of branding resources, including an enhanced manual for branding standards.

A strategist that specializes in plan execution, Lisa works hard to ensure that all tactics serve to achieve the overall strategy and mission of an organization. As a trained project manager, she prides herself on her ability to set schedules and consistently meet deadlines.

Other specialties include internal and external communications, cross-departmental collaboration, writing for print and digital, video scripting, photo selection, event planning and nonprofit management.

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Contact Lisa at iamlisahacker@gmail.com

*Legal name: Elizabeth Hacker.

**source: http://www.conecomm.com/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/2299

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